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Freestyle Libre

Freestyle Libre can monitor your dog’s glucose levels accurately for 14 days. Here at Eagle Animal Clinic we can apply the sensor and walk you through setting up your Libre account.  We can then show you how to share the data with our doctors. The Freestyle Libre gives us the ability to track glucose levels during your dog’s everyday life. Utilizing the Freestyle Libre greatly reduces the need for blood draws and hospital visits.


Diabetes is a lifelong disease that should be monitored with the help of your dog’s veterinarian. Sometimes management can be a little overwhelming, but with regular wellness visits, blood work and the help of Freestyle Libre, it can be easier. 

When is applying the Freestyle Libre appropriate?

Your veterinarian may recommend applying the sensor if your dog is showing symptoms of unregulated diabetes. It is important that your dog has been receiving his/her prescribed insulin injections for at least 14 days before applying the Freestyle Libre.

How do veterinarians use the information?

Your veterinarian will continually monitor and compile the blood glucose readings over 14 days and make adjustments to insulin dose and/or type as needed based on readings and your dog’s symptoms. 

If you would like additional information, please call to speak with our staff or to schedule an appointment.